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Access the Bible reader in these languages: Burunge, Kizalamo, Luguru, Ndamba, Nyakyusa-Ngonde, Swahili, Shimwela, Chividunda, Kutu, Makua, Ngindo,  Ngindo, Vwanji, Kinga, Kwere, Matumbi, Ngulu, Shimakonde, and Zigula.… 

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Read The Bible in the language of Zambia, with Bible reader, Bible audios, and Jesus films. Bible reader in Bemba, Tonga, Ila, Mambwe-Lungu, Nsenga, Lunda Ndembu, Lenje, Lozi, Luvale, Lala-Bisa, Nkoya, Mbunda, Chokwe, and… 

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Beyond Disaster program

The Beyond Disaster program from the Trauma Healing Institute provides materials to help people recover from natural and man-made disasters. The program integrates best practices in mental health into a biblical… 

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Spoken Word Ministries

Spoken Word Ministries is Reaching Those Who Are Blind or Visually Impaired with: BrailleAudio—a Christian Resource library with books and teachings in DAISY audio and braille formats. Memberships are provided free of… 

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Bible Roots Podcast

“The Bible Roots Podcast is all about Bible Engagement. Designed for pastors who long to see people effectively engage the Bible. Our discussions will stimulate your thinking and give you creative and effective… 

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Bible Engagement Project

Bible Engagement Project is a paid subscription curriculum that “equips you with a library of age-aligned curriculum that helps your whole church grow in their faith. Each curriculum is designed to build upon the… 

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Bible Memory Goal

“The Bible Memory Goal is a website and YouTube channel that is meant to inspire you to start (or restart!) memorizing Scripture. And not just one verse here or there – entire chapters and books of the Bible! Find… 

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Center for Scripture Engagement

The mission of the Taylor University Center for Scripture Engagement is to equip individuals and congregations to engage the Scripture in ways that will drive Christian worship, discipleship, community, proclamation, and… 

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Bible to Life

“Bible to Life is a resource library website that was created to provide helpful, trustworthy resources that address matters of faith with the specific hope of reaching people who may be searching the internet for… 

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Scripture Engagement

This website provides practical help for facilitating encounters with God through interaction with His Word. It contains resources, links and details of training opportunities. 

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A Simple Method to Encourage Scripture Engagement

This article explains a Scripture engagement exercise called the “4-Ones Method.” Over the course of one week, you’ll read one short book of the Bible, consider one question, and write one sentence. One week, one… 

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Bible Coalition

Bible Coalition’s mission is to identify products that promote Bible engagement and award scholarships and grants for these products to applicants who are inspired to engage God’s Word at a deeper level.   

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