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Through a partnership between American Bible Society and United Bible Societies, this Bible translation availability project called “UBS .Bible Project” is working towards the goal of making the Bible available online… 

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United Bible Societies

United Bible Societies (UBS) is a global network of Bible Societies working in over 240 countries and territories across the world. UBS is working towards the day when everyone can access the Bible in the language and… 

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“American Bible Society has been getting God’s Word into people’s hands and hearts around the world for more than 200 years. You’re invited to pray for our ministries, read stories of God at work through his Word,… 

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The Bible Society of India, Tamil Language

“About 68,700,000 users in India and 75,965,790 users worldwide are speaking Tamil. In India it is spoken in Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Kerala and Tamil Nadu states, but is widely spoken in SriLanka. The Bible was… 

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The Bible Society in Northern Ireland

The Bible Society in Northern Ireland raise both prayer and financial support for other Bible Societies around the world; supporting Bible Translation, Production and Distribution, Literacy work and also Bible Engagement… 

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Deaf Bible Society

“Deaf Bible Society provides free access to Bible translations by video in 25+ sign languages.  We connect the Deaf community by training leaders to establish Deaf Bible Together groups. And our Deaf Church Where… 

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British and Foreign Bible Society

British and Foreign Bible Society operates in England, Wales, the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man—a charity committed to offering the Bible to the world. 

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Bible Society Australia

Bible Society Australia exists to impact and influence Australia and the World by Opening The Bible to all people everywhere by all means possible.   

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Discover the Bible in Curaçao, download reading plans, explore resources, and get involved with the ministry of the Bible Society in the Dutch Caribbean. 

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台灣聖經公會是「聯合聖經公會」的一員。聯合聖經公會(United Bible Societies)是聯繫世界各地聖經公會的全球性組織,目的在促進公會… 

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Bible Society New Zealand is committed to ensuring Māori everywhere have access to te Paipera Tapu. Access the Bible Reader online and learn about how to get involved. 

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Learn more about the programs and resources of Indonesian Bible Society. Lembaga Alkitab Indonesia. Lihat Produk Alkitab – Kado Istimewa untuk Anda dan Sahabat. 

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