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Lectio and Bible Design Blog

Simply put, Lectio is about designing the Bible to be read. J. Mark Bertrand writes about every aspect of Bible craftsmanship, doing his best to think deeply about what’s going on and what it means for the future.… 

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Bible Gateway Blogger Grid

“Bible Gateway Blogger Grid (BG²) is an international network of independent bloggers who meaningfully blog—and who are serious—about matters relating to the Bible. BG² reflects a broad array of blogs: from… 

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Scripture Spy

“Scripture Spy: Examine the Bible with me” – a blog by Diane, an enthusiastic Bible teacher who loves to go deep. 

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Premier Digital Bible Map Resources Free, high-quality, digital Bible maps? Visit the Blog! An online tool to find Bible places & photos? Try WebViewer! Software to make your own custom maps? Try Bible Mapper! An… 

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Love God Greatly blog

Love God Greatly is about what God can do through a team of women, each using their gifts for a common purpose. Love God Greatly uses the S.O.A.P. method to engage Scripture by writing out certain verses in our journals… 

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The Inquisitive Bible Reader / Is That in the Bible?

“Inquisitive. Academic. Unapologetic. Video essays and blog articles that take a deep dive into the Bible and the history of religion.” – Paul Davidson   

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Engage is our women’s blog. Impact is our men’s blog. Heartprints is our children’s ministry and parenting blog. NETBible is where we will highlight the latest news about the NETBible and our new publisher… 

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Bible History Daily

Bible History Daily is the blog of Biblical Archaeology Society (BAS), dedicated to the dissemination of information about archaeology in the Bible lands. BAS presents the latest that scholarship has to offer in a fair… 

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The Biblioblog Top 50

“Biblioblogs” are blogs which deal primarily with matters concerning academic biblical studies.   

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Faithful Bloggers

From the about page: “My vision is for Faithful Bloggers to continue to serve Christian Bloggers in their quest to reach the world. I hope to expand the offer of resources to assist you in your endeavors and to… 

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Bible and Theology

Resources to advance Christian thinking and living This blog is produced and edited by Paul and Cheryl Hoskins. It is intended to focus on Christian thinking and living, but has a particular focus upon biblical studies,… 

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Bible Wiki Blog

Insights on the Word from Adam S. and J. Henry Martin, M. Div. 

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