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Verse-by-Verse Commentary

VERSE-BY-VERSE COMMENTARY with Dr. Grant C. Richison exposes the mind of God to the mind of man by expounding individual books of God’s Word verse-by-verse.   

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Best Bible Commentaries

“Best Bible Commentaries was born out of a love for books that help people understand the Bible, especially Old and New Testament commentaries. Having been a pastor and professor, I have used, discussed, and written… 

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Over 75 Classic Bible Commentaries Online

This collection of over 75 classic Bible commentaries are hosted on this website by The Truth According to Scripture, the outreach ministry of Mesa Biblical Church located in California. We are non- denominational. 

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Commentaries at Bible Comments

A collection of free commentaries across a wide theological spectrum, including Albert Barnes, Calvins, Clarke’s, Expositor’s, John Gill’s, Scofield, Spurgeon’s, Wesley’s, and more. 

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Enter the Bible

Here you’ll find a wealth of resources to help you grow in your faith, add depth to your Bible studies and truly discover the people, places and events of the Bible. Think of Enter the Bible as your guide, a helpful… 

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Bible commentary notes by A. MacKinney, a Bible teacher who has taught the Bible to college students and internationals for 27 years on a weekly basis, as well as adults for another 20 years. His viewpoint is evangelical,… 

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PocketBible App and Library Collections

PocketBible Bible Study App by Laridian is a powerful, easy to use Bible software for your phone, tablet, PC or Mac. (iOS, Android, Windows, Mac OS X). PocketBible offers everything you need for sermon and lesson… 

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Enduring Word

Enduring Word exists to promote the work of Christian discipleship and evangelism worldwide, through the Bible teaching work of David Guzik. We have more than 11,000 pages of Bible commentary, hundreds of audio and video… 

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Free Online Bible Commentaries

“Free Online Bible Commentaries on all Books of the Bible. Authored by John Schultz, who served many decades as a C&MA Missionary and Bible teacher in Papua, Indonesia. His insights are lived-through, profound… 

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Logos Bible Software

Bible study software that connects your life to the Word, with extensive resource linking, note-taking functionality, and linguistic analysis for study of the Bible both in translation and in its original languages. 

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  • 0 helps you search and find truth about life and eternity by providing free access on the Internet to over 16,000 articles which represent the finest, most trustworthy biblical truths and materials from Pastors… 

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