Bible Innovations

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Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR), Artificial Intelligence (AI), and future developments under way


Build the Bible into your app or website. With nearly 2500 Bible versions available across over 1600 languages, API.Bible offers the largest collection of Bibles available. The BibleSearch API allows any developer to… 

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“Unlock the Bible’s Hidden Gems with AI-Generated Pics – Engage with the Bible through the power of AI, see the beauty and meaning of the scriptures come to life with stunning, AI-generated… 

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Translating the Bible for all. One billion people live in Bible poverty. Help provide all people access to God’s Word by 2033. 3,912 languages are in need of translation. We have a roadmap, a process, and the tools… 

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The Artificial Intelligence Bible

“A new scholarly translation. Ten different perspectives. All done with the help of AI. Discover each book and chapter afresh with a brand new translation: The AIV (Artificial Intelligence Version). Then, AI… 

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Bible X Games

“Face the future and explore the past in our new video game where your wit, skills, knowledge and teamwork will be challenged in an immersive, interactive and educational experience that is true to the Bible.”… 

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“The goal of Bible Ai is to provide individuals with a deeper understanding of the Bible’s teachings and to help them apply biblical wisdom to their daily lives. Bible AI is being developed with these 5 goals… 

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Bible AI Services

“Discover The Most Advanced Bible Search Engine” Bible Search – Explore the Bible using AI to find relevant content Bible Reading – Read the Bible with intuitive and user-friendly tools Study Plans… 

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“Elevate your Bible Study Experience – Engage in a transformative Bible study experience like never before. Our innovative web application empowers you to dive into the Scriptures with newfound depth and… 

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Bible Buddy

Use WhatsApp to chat with the Bible. “Grow your personal faith. Chat with the Bible, like your best friend!” “Experience BibleBuddy, a chatbot that helps you grow your personal faith through engaging… 

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“Your AI Bible Companion” – an engaging AI companion to help you study the Bible and grow in faith. 

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“ChatKJV is a powerful tool to deepen your spiritual journey. It is powered by advanced natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning technologies to provide a personalized experience. You can share how… 

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“Discover the Word of God like never before with! Designed to provide answers to your questions, passages, and references to deepen your study and understanding of the Bible. Global and accessible, with… 

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