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Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR), and future developments under way


Build the Bible into your app or website. With nearly 2500 Bible versions available across over 1600 languages, API.Bible offers the largest collection of Bibles available. The BibleSearch API allows any developer to… 

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Translating the Bible for all. One billion people live in Bible poverty. Help provide all people access to God’s Word by 2033. 3,912 languages are in need of translation. We have a roadmap, a process, and the tools… 

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Hackathon.Bible is a resource site with Bible texts & datasets you can use to build killer apps & new innovations for Bible engagement. This website also has a listing of upcoming Christian hackathon events. 

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Digital Bible Lab

The Digital Bible Lab fosters digital innovation to expand Scripture access and engagement.  

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Scripture Labs

We invite you to learn by experimenting with the Bible hands-on. Our vision is to equip people with the skills needed to unlock a deeper understanding of the Bible. Bible reading, but interactive! Take a deeper look at… 

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Jesus VR

“Jesus VR – The Story of Christ” is a film shot entirely in 360° 4K video for a you-are-there VR experience of the entirety of Jesus’s life and death, from his baptism to the Sermon on the Mount, and from the… 

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The Changemakers Project

This is a community with a vision: “We envision a country deeply rooted in God’s Word and vibrant Christian community. We aim for 100 million Bible-centered people in America by 2033, increasing 56% from 64… 

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7 miracles

7 Miracles

A stunningly immersive adaptation of the seven miracles of Jesus Christ from the Gospel of John. By combining award-winning storytelling with unparalleled filming technologies and immersive viewing experiences, 7 Miracles… 

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Bible Labs

The global revolution in Bible engagement has already begun. At Bible Labs, we’re making what’s next. Bible Labs draws on YouVersion’s experience, reach, and data—exploring entirely new approaches to engage this… 

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Explore: VR Tour of the Lands of the Bible

Explore! A Virtual Reality Tour of the Lands of the Bible! — “virtual reality experience offers an exciting tour of 34 of the most famous biblical sites” 

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Churchome Global

“A New Way to Church” – “Churchome Global is a Christian community that brings people together — anytime, anywhere — to have more meaningful connections with each other and the world.… 

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Virtual Reality Church

Virtual reality is coming to #churchonline, the Church Online Platform developed by Life.Church – “Just like #churchonline allows churches everywhere to reach people who might otherwise be unreachable, we… 

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