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Navigators – Bible Reading Plans

Three downloadable plans to make your journey through the Scriptures do-able in a year and meaningful for your spiritual growth: Discipleship Journal Bible Reading Plan Book-at-a-Time Bible Reading Plan 5x5x5 Bible… 

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Fishnet Bible Stories

“We are Amy and Carly, a dynamic duo of Bible school grads. Amy is the digital artist and Carly is the author. Our passion is spreading the good news of Jesus to everyone, especially kids. We believe in the… 

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Bible Portal

“Bible Portal’s mission and vision is to be a digitally accessible Bible ‘portal’ to all people. We promote Bible literacy and spiritual growth through free online Bibles, effective study tools and fresh,… 

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Readings for Life

Readings for Life started as a project to disciple young believers. Readings for Life is a web app, which means there is nothing for you to download. Each time you reload or visit the website it will automatically bring… 

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Grow your community and grow spiritually by reading the Bible together. Download this free starter kit with everything you need: a reading plan that fits your calendar, social media images, email announcement, blog post,… 

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The Bible Reading Planner

Choose from a variety of Bible Reading Plans to fit your personal situation. There are longer plans, shorter plans, and topic based plans. 

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Bible Study Together

Bible Study Together is a ministry of Create Disciples Inc, focused on helping people develop a consistent walk with God. Unlike other reading plans that just slap random passages together, this new study interweaves the… 

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  • 1 is giving people access to everything from A to Z about Christianity and to be a follower of Jesus. “We promote the Bible as the Word of God and develop tools that can encourage its study with the help… 

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Lectio Divina

Lectio Divina is a weekly framework for a faithful and respectful reading of the Bible, coordinated with the Catholic lectionary calendar. Sign up to receive Lectio Divina meditations, based on the lectionary calendar of… 

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Bible Reading Plan Generator

While there are so many great Bible reading plans out there, John Dyer developed this web-based tool to change things around on the fly, select the books you want to read (Genesis, Psalms, and John), the length of time… 

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Bible Reading Plan (BRP)

The Bible Reading Plan is a free resource of Harris Creek Baptist Church in Waco, Texas. “It began in March 2020, shortly after the COVID-19 pandemic forced our church to move online and into smaller groups. We… 

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Discover the Bible in Curaçao, download reading plans, explore resources, and get involved with the ministry of the Bible Society in the Dutch Caribbean. 

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