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Build the Bible into your app or website. With nearly 2500 Bible versions available across over 1600 languages, API.Bible offers the largest collection of Bibles available. The BibleSearch API allows any developer to… 

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IQ Bible API

IQ Bible API has been built to enable developers access to a well-maintained and powerful Bible API with useful out-of-the-box tools and resources, like Strong’s Concordance and the original texts in Hebrew or… 

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Biblia.com API

The Biblia.com API provides Web, mobile, and desktop applications with access to Bible text through web services. Specifically, there are services that get information about the available Bibles (Find, Image), download… 

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Crossway allows you to access the ESV Bible text from their server and include it on your website, free of charge for non-commercial use. This web service requires that you have access to a programming language on your… 

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NET Bible Web Service (API)

Use the NET translation in your application via this html/json/xml API that returns the full biblical text.     

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Bible SuperSearch

“Bible SuperSearch is a web-based Bible passage lookup and search script. It is available for download on our downloads page. You may also download SQL dumps of several Bibles here. Bible SuperSearch has a user… 

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