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Dukhrana Biblical Research

Dukhrana Biblical Research is an online organization specializing in providing tools to aid in the study of the Peshitta, the Bible in Aramaic/Syriac. There’s tools such as an analytical lexicon of the Syriac New… 

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The Holy Aramaic Scriptures

This Website features The Holy Aramaic Scriptures, as preserved in the ancient Eastern Aramaic Text of The New Testament, in manuscripts such as The Yonan Codex, The Khabouris Codex, The 1199 Houghton Codex, and The… 

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Aramaic Bible Institute

The Aramaic Bible Institute is dedicated to teaching The Spirit of the Word based upon the Aramaic translation of the Bible and the culture of the Ancient Semitic Near East. The Aramaic approach to scripture reveals a… 

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Peshitta New Testament

Peshitta New Testament in Aramaic/English Interlinear format. The purpose of this Interlinear version is to: Preserve and further the knowledge of Aramaic Supply an on-line Concordance to the Peshitta Provide the… 

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Aramaic Bible Translation

Translating the Bible into Modern Aramaic Dialects, including Assyrian, Chaldean, Suryoyo (Turyoyo), Ma’luli (Suryon) and Mardini. Promoting Knowledge of God’s Word and Preserving the Language Heritage 

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