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Military Bible Challenge

Welcome to Basic Training in the Bible, where doing hard things leads to extraordinary capabilities. Similar to the course instructions you receive when entering the military, you have arrived at a set of instructions… 

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Journey of a Military Wife

Journey of a Military Wife serves as a multi-resource hub for Service member spouses seeking to share hope, direction, and comfort in the face of unique challenges. Connect, lead, study, listen, and pray together through… 

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God Understands: Scripture for Warriors

The warrior’s life is difficult to understand if you haven’t lived it, and difficult to live with if you have. The God Understands series doesn’t hold back on either the strengths or the struggles. Find empathy and… 

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Armed Services Ministry

American Bible Society’s Armed Services Ministry believes that, through the Bible, God saves and transforms lives. Our team of Chaplains and Veterans creates and provides materials to support those that serve in their… 

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