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Coffee and Bible Time

Coffee and Bible Time is a Christian YouTube Channel where women of all ages come together to learn, grow, and flourish in Christ. Sisters, Ashley & Taylor, and their Mentor Mama are passionate about sharing the truth… 

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The Bold Movement

“We are a ministry that unapologetically supports and trains women to study the Bible and share the Gospel. Fluff is for pillows, not women’s ministry.” 

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Love God Greatly blog

Love God Greatly is about what God can do through a team of women, each using their gifts for a common purpose. Love God Greatly uses the S.O.A.P. method to engage Scripture by writing out certain verses in our journals… 

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Women’s Bible Study

Lisa Laizure teaches a Women’s Bible Study in Phoenix Arizona. Her greatest desire is to have women connect the dots between their everyday life and their faith in Jesus. She believes strongly in the sovereignty of… 

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The African Women Devotional Bible (AWDB) is a Scripture resource for addressing circumstances and questions African Christian Women face in their daily lives. 

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African Women Devotional Bible

The Africa Women Devotional Bible (AWDB) is a Scripture resource with addressing circumstances and questions African Christian Women face in their daily lives. While the Bible will be suitable for individual devotional… 

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Courage For Life- Audio Bible for Women

Creating the first female voiced audio Bible, Genesis to Revelation 

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Bible Cafe Online Bible Study

“A Bible Study Experience You Can Enjoy From Home” Bible Cafe Ministries has led more than 100 online Bible studies from some of the most popular Christian Bible teachers. Womens Bible Cafe study groups and… 

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her.BIBLE: A Women’s Audio Bible

her.BIBLE wants women to grow in their relationship with God through listening to His Word read by ethnically diverse sisters, and to inspire women around the world to create a women’s audio Bible in their own heart… 

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