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Translating the Bible for all. One billion people live in Bible poverty. Help provide all people access to God’s Word by 2033. 3,912 languages are in need of translation. We have a roadmap, a process, and the tools… 

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Digital Bible Library

The Digital Bible Library® (DBL) is an online digital asset and licensing management platform developed and maintained by the United Bible Societies. DBL gathers, validates, and safeguards a large collection of quality,… 

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unfoldingWord works with Church leaders around the world who are seeking to establish their churches in sound doctrine but lack access to Bible translations in the languages their people speak. By equipping these leaders… 

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Bibledit – Bible Translation Software

“Bibledit is a collection of Bible translation tools, all conveniently in one place. Online as well as offline access is an important and handy feature. Also, most importantly: the software can run on ANY device and… 

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Assure Alliance

“Assure is a growing strategic alliance of organizations collaborating and innovating in technologies, techniques, and digital resources needed to improve Bible translation quality and efficiency.”   

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Adapt It

Adapt It is a free open source translation editor that is used to quickly translate between related languages. We seek to create, as a community, an application that will run on all major platforms and facilitate… 

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Bible Translation Software for the World – From studying and drafting, through checking and revising, and on to publication, Paratext supports translating God’s Word into the heart languages of people… 

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Bible Translation Tools

Bible Translation Tools is an online repository for open-licensed translation software. Contributors from all over the world have built software and systems to enable the Global Church to translate scripture for itself.… 

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Bible in Every Language

This website provides translation processes, resources and tools to help you make God’s Word available in multiple forms (written, oral, visual, or tactile). Developed by Wycliffe Associates and partners to provide… 

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Clear Bible

Clear is accelerating the faithful translation of Scripture until all people can access God’s Word in their own language. Clear serves Great Commission organizations by giving Bible translators visibility into the… 

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Get a complete picture of Bible translation—in one place. Gathering and sharing data to get the word of God into the hands of every person. 

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  • 0 features articles that share about the work of Bible translation, including stories like: how translation consultants train translators with quality in mind and news about scholarly tools for the study… 

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