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The Berean Bible is a multi-tiered study Bible to connect you from a smooth and… 

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  • 7

EasyEnglish Bible

EasyEnglish Bible helps people from every country to read and understand the… 

  • 3K
  • 2

Timshel Translation

Timshel, translated from the Hebrew word meaning “we have a choice”, is the… 

  • 86
  • 1

The Message

“Eugene Peterson lived the joy of the Christian life. Intent on sharing… 

  • 255
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New International Version

“The New International Version (NIV) has become one of the most widely… 

  • 223
  • 1

New Living Translation

“The Holy Bible, New Living Translation (NLT) is an authoritative Bible… 

  • 222
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“The Recovery Version of the Bible was translated and revised by the… 

  • 247
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The Global Bible Project

Your Bible in your pocket—in more than 1000 languages from Abau to Zapotec… 

  • 321
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NET Bible

The NET Bible Study Suite let’s you dig deeper into God’s Word,… 

  • 2.3K
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La Biblia Reina-Valera 1960

La Reina-Valera 1960 es la traducción bíblica más usada por las iglesias… 

  • 780
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Good News Translation of the Bible

The Good News Translation is written in a simple, everyday language, with the… 

  • 785
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Contemporary English Version of the Bible

The Contemporary English Version (CEV) presents a fresh translation of the… 

  • 899
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