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The Berean Bible is a multi-tiered study Bible to connect you from a smooth and accurate translation to the root of the Greek and Hebrew meanings. 

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The Casual English Bible

“This is a Bible especially for Bible newcomers, non-Christians curious about the Bible, and Christians who have trouble understanding the Bible. It’s a mission funded by people like you who believe everyone… 

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EasyEnglish Bible

EasyEnglish Bible helps people from every country to read and understand the Bible, and apply it to their lives. EasyEnglish is a formally defined subset of ordinary English, with its vocabulary and grammar suitable for… 

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The Global Bible Project

Your Bible in your pocket—in more than 1000 languages from Abau to Zapotec with Global.Bible, a distraction-free Bible reading platform. Read and listen to God’s Word in your own language with this easy to use Bible… 

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Contemporary English Version of the Bible

The Contemporary English Version (CEV) presents a fresh translation of the Bible using everyday words and phrases so that the Bible can be understandable by everyone. 

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Read The Bible in the language of Zambia, with Bible reader, Bible audios, and Jesus films. Bible reader in Bemba, Tonga, Ila, Mambwe-Lungu, Nsenga, Lunda Ndembu, Lenje, Lozi, Luvale, Lala-Bisa, Nkoya, Mbunda, Chokwe, and… 

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2001 Translation of the Bible

“The 2001 Translation of the Bible is entirely made by volunteers and is public domain. Our books of the Jewish Era (the ‘Old Testament’) are based on the Greek Septuagint (see why). Our books of the Christian… 

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King James Version of the HTML Bible

The King James Version 2.0 HTML Bible has been placed in the Public Domain. The HTML Bible has been created by John Hurt. The HTML Bible consists of 1,189 “flat” HTML Web pages. It does not require a web… 

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Open English Translation

makes the Bible more accessible with the best of a easy-to-understand Readers’ Version alongside a faithful Literal Version. 

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American Sign Language Version (ASLV)

A Complete Bible for Deaf People The American Sign Language Version (ALSV) was primarily translated by Deaf people, for Deaf people and featured 53 different translators. The ASLV Bible speaks directly to Deaf people in… 

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Timshel Translation

Timshel, translated from the Hebrew word meaning “we have a choice”, is the first-ever idiomatic Bible translation. Written to keep the original literary genre of each story in tact, Timshel fills in the story around… 

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The Readable Bible

“The Readable Bible presents the Bible in modern, easy-to-read formats like today’s non-fiction books. The Readable Bible is Scripture the way it would look if Moses and the other writers were native English… 

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