“The Bible Standard came into existence through the efforts of Professor Paul S. L. Johnson and Professor Raymond G. Jolly, who installed its headquarters in Pennsylvania. From their studies of the Scriptures they came to the understanding that God’s Plan of Salvation is far greater in scope and His mercy much more extensive than have been previously recognized. They set their goals to make this wonderful message available to as many as had a “hearing ear,” and were dedicated to the accomplishment of this goal. They taught that Bible doctrine is interpreted correctly only when it is done in harmony with every other Scripture passage and teaching in the Word. Bible Standard Ministries holds to this belief today.”


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  • Kevin onyango ogada

    May the Lord bless them,
    I really feel blessed with the teaching,I have been studying the many years,And it came to my heart that this is the right Teachings,I have faith that trust and will not change my mind in that I have made. A decision for THIS Truth,
    The Lord gave me gift to be the everngelist and I will pray the Lord to keep on giving me the guidence and wisdom

    Peace Grace and love be with you all
    Yours in Christ Brother
    Kevin ogada

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