New Heart English Bible (NHEB) is a public domain Bible based on the latest textual criticism using all available manuscripts. The NHEB began with the public domain World English Bible, and was updated with consideration of all the available manuscripts.

NHEB (New Heart English Bible) is the editing work of Wayne A. Mitchell, and forms a complete translation of the scriptures in modern day English. It is based on the ASV (American Standard Version) of 1903, the Biblia Hebraica Stuttgartensia (Hebrew Old Testament) and the UBS4 (Greek New Testament).


  • Samantha

    I want to publish my own abridged copy of the Bible (it’s a mix of NHEB and my own edits), but Amazon requires signed permission to make sure this is a allowed work or they unpublish it. Can you help? I changed it from public domain to “copyright” because I edited it alot when abridging it, and because Amazon created too many complications when selecting that (couldn’t add to series page, for instance). But now I read that while it is public domain, I can’t copyright (sounds like a share-alike license). It might be too much to ask for permission, but I appear to be stuck. I’d revert it back to public domain, except Amazon won’t let it go without either approving it or rejecting it.

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