How to Search and Find New Bible Apps

Can we be honest? This is not an easy question to answer. There are 2 major ecosystems for mobile devices, iOS and Android, and not every app is developed for both OSes. Most people just use one of these platforms.

Basic search is available at the default app store for each OS: iTunes App Store for iOS and Google Play for Android. When using the iTunes App Store to search for “bible,” it only returns 100 relevant items and it notes this: “Less relevant items are not displayed. To narrow your results, use more specific search terms.”

There are other good Bible apps that don’t show up on these search results. And, that’s what we’re doing here at Forallthings.Bible, to showcase and highlight good noteworthy Bible apps—see our curated collection of Bible apps.

So how do people discover new Bible apps? Or, how do you get your Bible app noticed, if you’re a developer? It takes a variety of marketing and communications to spread the word. One article noted that word of mouth and social recommendations are important.

4 App Discovery Websites

But there’s another way. People can also use app search engines to discover new apps. Here are 4 app discovery websites for finding new apps: has apps sorted into audiences, objectives, and categories, in addition to a quick search bar. For both iOS and Android. has a quick search with filters for relevancy, downloads, newest, and ratings. For both iOS and Android. Search the iTunes App Store with results filterable for ratings, prices, last update dates, categories, and ages. For iOS only. has a minimalistic home page for searching the entire iTunes Store, including the iTunes App Store.

Good thing there’s these other ways to find apps. Would you believe there are over 12,000 Android apps with the word “bible” (via and nearly 6,000 iOS apps (via Of course, just because the word “bible” is in an app’s name or description doesn’t necessarily mean it is about engaging with the Holy Bible. There are some apps that use the word “bible” generically to refer to an authoritative guide on another topic, like golf, fishing, or barbeque.

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