What does Bible Engagement actually look like in everyday life?

Many of us know how powerful the Bible is in human history, both in individual lives and in establishing institutions as well as countries. The latter is a big reason why the Faith and Liberty Discovery Center was established in Philadelphia by American Bible Society.

And the Bible is still powerful in changing lives today and into the future. But how does it goes from a book with words and stories, into the attitudes and actions of people that make a difference in everyday life?

3 charts in this article titled, The Three Faces of Bible Engagement, at the Bible Engagement Project, show this visually and explains it better than words alone.

Bible Engagement from the Inside Out

To be engaged with Bible, the Assemblies of God USA and Barna Group research determined, is to allow all spheres of a person’s life to be heavily and positively influenced by the Word of God. Barna identified 3 spheres of influence: practical, emotional, and missional. Each is a face that together forms a complete picture of high engagement with Scripture.

And, that is the ultimate power of the Bible and its life-changing message, as a community of Christ-followers regularly engages with the Bible individually and corporately, it feeds the emotional foundation, and motivates outward actions that benefits and blesses the good of all humanity.


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