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Download these free Bible resources for your spiritual encouragement are provided by, a ministry of American Bible Society. Read and reflect on these powerful truths to receive comfort, peace, strength, and hope from God and His Word.

20 Bible Truths to Declare During the COVID-19 Outbreak

Declare these truths from God’s Word to ignite your faith in the midst of uncertainty.


2022 Daily Bible Reading Guide


2020 UBS Prayer Booklet – English

Peace, Love and Hope

We have a new year ahead of us with many projects to spread the Bible and its message. Please pray with us to ask that all those projects are successful and that every nation can count on God’s support in dealing with their difficulties.


God’s Promises to You

This collection has some of the most treasured passages from the Scriptures. These truths have brought strength, courage and hope to generations of men and women. They can offer you the inspiration and practical help you need when you’re anxious, tired, discouraged or facing any difficulty in your life.


Beyond Disaster – Spiritual First Aid

Beyond Disaster is a guide for spiritual first aid for people who have survived natural or human-caused disasters. This guide offers: strategies to help people cope in the short term, guidance on what to expect during the process of recovery, and resources to begin a journey toward emotional and spiritual healing.

Based on the globally proven model of the Trauma Healing Institute, this guide integrates best practices in mental health into a biblical framework. Related resources for survivors, helpers, and churches are available at DisasterRelief.Bible

Bible for Today’s Family Coloring Book

Free coloring pages for children.


For Families Under Stress

Find Strength in God’s Word, with Bible verses from the Contemporary English Version (CEV).


The Lord Hears Your Cries

Hope and Strength from the Scriptures in the Midst of Domestic Violence, with Bible verses from the Contemporary English Version (CEV).


Dedicated: Steps of Faith in God’s Plan (Journey of a Military Wife Series)

Author: Brenda Pace

God is looking for women willing to take a step of faith and discover their place in his plan. The Armed Services Ministry at American Bible Society is committed to help you be a dedicated disciple of Christ. We invite you to take a series of thirty-day journeys of faith in the pages of the Bible. The journeys in this volume explore what it means to be a dedicated person, one who lives life with purpose and single-minded faithfulness.

Deployed: Steps of Hope in Times of Uncertainty (Journey of a Military Wife Series)

Author: Brenda Pace

The book of Exodus is the account of Moses leading the Israelites on a type of deployment. While not exactly like the circumstances of a deployed wife, it holds many truths that may apply to the journey. For the next thirty days, as we walk with the Israelites, listen to the orders the Lord gave them and heed the guidance the Lord may have for you. The promise of his presence in the middle of your situation is as true today as it was for the Israelites in the desert.

Devoted: Steps of Love Toward Healthy Relationships (Journey of a Military Wife Series)

Author: Brenda Pace

When it comes to marriage, attraction and passion can lead a couple to the altar to say “I do,” but it is commitment and devotion that will keep them together on the journey “till death us do part.” Every marriage, not just military marriages, needs to draw on positive relationship attributes to grow strong. But military couples have to be creative in how best to relate to each other during times of separation and duty. In marriage, a wife looks beyond what is good only for her and focuses on what is good for her husband—and what is best for their marriage. During this thirty-day journey in the Scriptures, we will visit important waypoints of intimacy, trust, extended family, stewardship, and marital roles.

Directed: Steps of Peace in Times of Transition (Journey of a Military Wife Series)
Author: Brenda PaceIssues associated with frequent moves are among the most popular topics in military family forums. During this thirty-day journey, we will study biblical examples of people God moved from place to place. God’s presence during times of relocation can bring peace in the midst of change.
The LORD Keeps You Safe

Words of Assurance to Calm Your Fears—from the Good News Translation (GNT).

Turning to God

From Addiction to Recovery – Finding a Spiritual Path, with Bible verses from the Good News Translation (GNT).

God is Our Shelter and Strength

Words of comfort and hope from the Bible.


God is Our Shelter and Strength – Crisis Edition 2017

Words of hope and healing from the Bible.


God’s Encouragement for Your Time of Loss

Words of comfort and hope from the Holy Bible.


God’s Light Has Come Tray Card

God’s Light Has Come Christmas tray card.


Jesus Stops a Storm—in Signed English

An ASL (American Sign Language) version of the biblical story Jesus Stops a Storm. This selection of Holy Scripture consisting of Mark 4:35-41 is part of the New Testament of our Lord Jesus Christ. The text is based on the Good News Translation and has been especially adapted for deaf young people.


The LORD is Near to the Brokenhearted

Comfort and Hope from the Scriptures in Your Sorrow. Bible verses from New Revised Standard Version (NRSV).


Should You Switch To A Shorter & Better Domain Name?

Find out why thousands of companies and ministries are choosing a not-com for their home on the web.


The Birth of Jesus — in Signed English

An ASL (American Sign Language) retelling of the biblical story, The Birth of Jesus. This selection of Holy Scripture consisting of Luke 2.4-21 is part of the New Testament of our Lord Jesus Christ. It is taken from the Good News Translation and has been especially prepared for young and/or new deaf readers.


UBS Day of Prayer 2021 Resources

On May 9 each year, we have the privilege of joining with Bible Societies across the world in prayer. This special annual United Bible Societies’ Day of Prayer, held to commemorate the day our Fellowship was founded in 1946, is an opportunity for us to look back with thankfulness on all God has done and ask for his guidance as we work hand in hand to make the Bible available to everyone. It is a powerful reminder that although we may be separated by distance, we are united in Christ as we work to fulfill our mission. Please join us in celebrating this day of prayer with us.

Your Guide to the Caring Ministries Resources

7 Scripture Booklets for ministering to those who are dealing with: Grief, Fear, Addiction, Stress, Caregiving Responsibilities, Domestic Violence, and HIV/AIDS.

Where Do I Find It In The Bible?

This index to the most famous Bible passages is a wonderful teaching aid.


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