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Reach More People with Your Bible-Inspired Projects

Sharing your Bible studies with others by using a website builder has become easier than ever, with freemium services like WordPress or Weebly, or the popular platform Squarespace.

After building your website, the next step to reaching more people is to have an easy-to-use and easy-to-remember web address.

For your Bible-inspired websites and projects, consider using a .BIBLE domain name as your website URL. Check if your .BIBLE domain is available.

What Others Have To Say

More than 1,500 Bible-based websites & apps have found a home on the .BIBLE top-level domain. Here’s what just a few of the folks in the .BIBLE neighborhood has to say about their new, memorable website name:

“Having a short and meaningful domain name like Find.Bible has helped people to more easily remember our web address,” reported Ken Bitgood from Find-A-Bible.

“…if you go to Free.Bible your are directed to download the Bible for free and have instant access to scripture! So now we just say go to Free.Bible or share Free.Bible with your friends,” says YouVersion Director, Brian Russell, about the site that offers the Bible for free.

And Dr. Mike Cohen from the Nano Bible Association: “When I saw the sign ‘.BIBLE’, I knew it, that we were getting .BIBLE… it’s brilliant, and I’m so thankful to you for creating it!

Who Else Is Using .BIBLE?

Others on the .BIBLE domain includes Bible- and mission-minded organizations like non-profits, Christian schools, mission agencies, churches, translation and publication groups, like:

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