Comparing Bible Blogs and Christian Blogs

By definition, Christians believe the Bible to be the sacred text inspired by God. You may have noticed a difference between blogging by Christians and blogging about the Bible.

Bible blogs typically craft its content around Bible verses and Bible themes. Christian blogs can span a wider range of blogging strategies, ranging anywhere from Bible studies, to occasional mention of Bible versions, or to blogging as a Christian about current events and other topics without specific Bible interpretation and application.

Over on the Get.Bible blog, they’ve curated a great list of Bible blogs and Bible bloggers at “List of the Top Bible Blogs and Bloggers Lists.” Others have compiled good lists of Christian blogs, like Kent ShafferJeremy Myers, and Tim Challies.

For example, Tim has posted lists like:

In a more automated, Blog Rank uses over 20 factors to create a list of Top 50 Christianity Blogs, based on number of RSS subscribers, monthly visitors, Alexa rank, and other factors.

How to Blog Effectively about the Bible

As blogging has become mainstream and a common format for digital publishing, it does take some significant effort to write content that is effective. For some people, effective means engaging a larger audience. But not everyone who blogs wants a growing number of readers. Similar to that question, “how do you measure success?” You get to decide what effective means for your blogging.

One thought about blogging is this: effective blogs are regularly updated with new content. Some would say that a blog is active if it is updated weekly or more frequently. By contrast, if a blog has new post less than once a month would come across as inactive, dormant, or abandoned.

But it’s all up to you. You can blog for an audience of one. Literally. You can blog for yourself as a way to journal your thoughts and learnings from your own Bible reading.

Some other great tips about Bible blogging:

Finally, you can learn from the example of others. Check out Blog.Bible from a team of bloggers at American Bible Society.


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